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Bangladesh Economic Profile, 2015

The post-independence, AL government faced daunting challenges and in 1975 was overthrown by the military, triggering a series of military coups that resulted in a military backed government and subsequent creation of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). That government also ended in a coup in 1981, followed by military-backed rule until democratic elections in 1991. The BNP and AL alternated in power between 1991 and 2013, with the exception of a military-backed, emergency caretaker regime that suspended parliamentary elections planned for January 2007 in an effort to reform the political system and root out corruption. That government returned the country to fully democratic rule in December 2008 with the election of the AL and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In January 2014, the present AL won the national election by an overwhelming majority after the BNP boycotted, extending Hasians term as prime minister. With the help of international development assistance, Bangladesh has made great progress in food security since independence, and the economy has grown at an annual average of about 6% over the last two decade.

1. Background
2. Geography
3. Economic Snap Shot: Bangladesh
4. Economic Indicators
4.1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
4.1.1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Growth
4.1.2. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Current Price
4.1.3. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Per Capita
4.1.4. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Sectors Agriculture sector Industry sector Service Sector
4.2. Inflation
4.3. Currency Exchange
4.4. Import and export
4.5. Monetary Policy
4.6. Unemployment, Employment and Poverty
4.7. Expenditure and Revenue
4.7.1. Current Expenditure
4.7.2. Subsidies and transfers
4.8. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
5. Way Forward
6. Disclaimer

List Of Tables

Table-1: Geographical Scenario of Bangladesh
Table-2: List of Economic Indicators (2012 to 2014)
Table-3: Sector of GDP Growth (in %)( 2012 to 2014)
Table-4: Sectoral Growth Rate of GDP at Constant Prices (In Percentage) (2009 to 2014)
Table-5: Sectoral Share of GDP at Constant Prices (In Percentage) (2009 to 2014)
Table-6: Inflation in different division (in %) (2015)
Table-7: Revenue & Expenditure (US$ Billion) (2014 -15 to 2015-16)
Table-8: Trend in Current Expenditure (% of GDP) (2010 to 2016)
Table-9: Composition of the spending on goods and services (Billion Taka) (2007 to 2013)
Table-10: Composition of Subsidies (2007 to 2012)
Table-11: Major Transfer Items (2008 to 2013)

List Of Figures

Figure-1: GDP growth (annual %) (2009-2014)
Figure-2: GDP (current US$ Billion) (2009 to 2014)
Figure-3: GDP per capita (current US$) (2009 to 2014)
Figure-4: Inflation, consumer prices (annual %) (2009 to 2010)
Figure-5: Currency exchange rate (Other Currencies = Bangladeshi taka) (Jan to Aug, 2015)
Figure-6: Currency Exchange rate Average (Other Currency= taka) (2009 to 2014)
Figure-7: Export and Import of Goods and Services (% of GDP) (2009 to 2013)
Figure-8: Export and Import (US $ Billion) (2009 to 2013)
Figure-9: Linkage between Economic Growth, Employment and Poverty
Figure-10: Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) (2009 to 2013)
Figure-11: Unemployment Male & female (% of Labour Force) (2009 to 2013)
Figure-12: Foreign direct investment, Net inflows (BoPs, current US$ Million) (2009 to 2014)

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