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India Economic Profile, 2015

Indias economic history since it attained independence can be divided into two distinct phases the 45-year period to 1991 when it was largely a closed economy, and the period after 1991 when economic reforms led to revitalization and rapid growth. Indian economy managed to promenade along at a 3%-4% growth pace until the 1980s. In fact, economic growth increased in every decade from the 1950s onward, except for the struggling 70s, when the economy was hampered by oil shocks and near double-digit inflation.
India is one of the developing countries into open world (open market) economy. The Economy of India is the seventh-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The Indian economy is the bright spot in the global landscape, becoming one of the fastest-growing big emerging market economies in the world. Indias economic profile recently got a lift as the country improved the way it measures economic output.
1. Economic position of India
2. Economic Snapshot
2.1. Gross domestic product (GDP) of India
2.2. Inflation
2.3. Population
2.4. Unemployment rate
2.5. Export and import of goods and services
2.6. Currency exchange
2.7. Purchasing power parity (PPP)
2.7.1. GNI per capita PPP
2.7.2. Purchasing power parity (PPP) conversion factor, GDP (LCU International$)
2.7.3. PPP conversion factor (GDP) to market Exchange Rate Ratio
2.8. Stock market
2.8.1. Capital market
2.8.2. Growth of Indian Capital Market
2.8.3. Money market
2.9. Manufacturing activities
2.9.1. Agriculture and Food Management
2.9.2. Industry
2.9.3. Service
2.10. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
2.10.1. FDI Policy
2.10.2. Recent Initiatives
2.11. Revenue Expenditure and Capital Expenditure (Overview)
2.12. Interest rate
3. Way Forward
4. Disclaimer

List Of Tables

Table 1: List of Economic Indicators
Table 2: WPI inflation for selected groups/sub-groups (%) (2011 to 2014)
Table 3: CPI (New Series) inflation for selected groups/sub-groups (%) (2012 to 2014)
Table 4: Major Components of Balance of Payments (U.S $ billions) (2013 to 2015)
Table 5: Performance of Major Markets in the World (level and % change) (2013-2014)
Table 6: Agriculture and Food Management (2013-14)
Table 7: Agriculture and Food Management (2014-15)
Table 8: Production of Major Agricultural Crops (2014-15)
Table 9: Growth of IIP in January, 2015 (per cent) (Base 2004-05 =100) (2013-14 to 2014-15)
Table 10: Quarter-wise Growth of GVA at Constant (2011-12) Basic Prices (%) (2014,2015)
Table 11: Major Sectors* where FDI caps exist are as under (2014-15)
Table 12: Revenue Expenditure Medium Term Expenditure Framework (INR crore)
Table 13: Capital Expenditure Medium Term Expenditure Framework (INR crore)

List Of Figures

Figure 1 : GDP Growth Rate (2009- 2018F)
Figure 2: Yearly estimates of GDP at Factor cost (INR billions) (2008-09 to 2013-14)
Figure 3: Inflation (CPI) Total annual growth rate % (2009 2014)
Figure 4: Year-on-Year inflation based on WPI and CPIs % (jun-14 to may-15)
Figure 5: Population (Millions) (2009 2018F)
Figure 6: Unemployment rate (Total % of labour force) ( 2009 to 2013)
Figure 7 : Unemployment female and male (% of labour force) (2009-2013)
Figure 8: Import and Export of goods and services (% of GDP) (2009 to 2014)
Figure 9: Currency exchange rate (dollar v/s Rupees) (2009 to 2014)
Figure 10: Monthly Average Exchange Rate of Rupee per Foreign Currency
Figure 11: GNI per capita, PPP (Current International $) (2009 to 2014)
Figure 12: PPP Conversion factor, GDP (LCU international $) (2009 to 2014)
Figure 13 :Foreign direct investment, net inflows (BOP, current US$ billions) (2009 to 2014)
Figure 14: Central Government Securities (Weighted Average %) (2009-10 to 2014-15)
Figure 15: State Government Securities (weighted Average %) (2009 -10 to 2014-15)

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